Monday, 27 December 2010

Pakistan: drone strikes

Pakistan: drone strike double

Ex-Telegraph infographic genius Ciaran Hughes has produced this excellent flash interactive for Channel 4 tv network, his new office since leaving later this year

In the last 12 months there have been at least 113 attacks by secret US drones in Pakistan's mountainous Waziristan region.

It is double the number of strikes in 2009, which itself saw a dramatic spike, bringing the total number of attacks under President Obama to an estimated figure of 166. That marks an increase of nearly 300 per cent compared with the last four years of the Bush presidency

Quite a tasty dish me thinks

Mapping, histogram and data viz

Its got the lot in such a small space

Speaking of iPad's and flash, is there any updates on when we can view flash-based interactives on the apple tablet..?

If not, then Flash to some extent is surely redundo

I hope this Apple/Adobe situation is remedied

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

F1 glamor from the Middle East

F1 glamor from the Middle East

Again, the most fantastic and innovative work coming from Luis Chumpitaz and his team

Amazing detail, over many spreads in an entire print-run devoted to the coverage of Formula One, in graphic form

A huge project similar to the award-winning Olympic project poster set design by the very same man

Beautiful and well delivered


Merry Christmas

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

NYT maps every city and every block

NYT maps every city and every block in the United States

A wonderful interactive, as always, from the New York Times

Based on samples taken from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey during 2005 and 2009, this interactive enables us to understand the distribution breakdown of racial and ethnic groups across the country

Looking at the data viz in the map of Manhattan, check out the ethnic divide along East 97th Street

Also impressive, although not surprising is the yellow glow of Miami

Interesting facts from the editorial:

Nine jurisdictions had populations in which more than one-third of their residents were foreign-born. These included three counties in California (Los Angeles, Santa Clara and San Francisco), two county equivalents in Alaska (Aleutians East Borough and Aleutians West Census Area) and two counties in New York (Kings and Queens)

There were 292 counties with populations that were less than 1 percent foreign-born, including 34 counties in Kentucky, 27 in West Virginia, 26 in Missouri and 21 in Mississippi

Interactive caviar indeed!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Infographic premonition

Kevin Nolan v Liverpool

Infographic premonition from Alan Smith

Smith, the author of the column in the Telegraph Sport section, writes;

"Pardew must ensure proper Carroll service. Rather than try to beat his full-back, Barton [Joey] has made a habit this season of swinging in crosses from anything up to 30 yards out. And if the delivery is right this afternoon, Carroll will fancy his chances of beating Skrtel or Kyrgiakos in the air (top graphic). After that, as always, it's a question of who reaches the knock-down first"

The preview graphic shows the cross from Barton to Carroll, who heads the ball down for Nolan to go on and stick the ball in the net

I've also (hopefully) attached a video of the goal

If it does not play, please watch it here

A stroke of luck, premonition or whatever

Friday, 19 November 2010

New Zealand mine explosion

New Zealand mine explosion at Pike River

We've cobbled together this infographic on the recently redesigned Telegraph website, which shows where the mine is, and where the access tunnel meets the "coal seam"

Basic graphic

But adds to the reporting

Monday, 8 November 2010

Chile miners [6]

Chile miners infographic from the Times

I completely forgot to pass this on

Busy times

Indeed a busy time at The Times

This was printed the day of the rescue

Read it, paw over it. It had everything

I don't often like the "kitchen sink" approach to graphics, but I have to admit that I really did like

Above all - it feels like the team at the Times had fun;

With the research

With the planning

With the drawing

With the design

Hats off!

Thanks to Matt Swift!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Chilean miners trapped in San Jose mine [5]

Chilean miners trapped in San Jose mine – update from Channel4

Looking forward to seeing more animator Ian Watkins

Chilean miners trapped in San Jose mine [4]

Chilean miners trapped in San Jose mine – excellent animation work from Channel4

Click here to see their TV animation

Thanks to Ciaran Hughes

Chilean miners trapped in San Jose mine [3]

Chilean miners trapped in San Jose mine – online at the Telegraph

Conrad Quilty-Harper
, Data Reporter for has been updating the content online, and building the graphics

Click here to view the full graphic

Chilean miners trapped in San Jose mine [2]

Chilean miners trapped in San Jose mine – more amazing interactives

Great work at the BBC

Click here to see the wonderful animated infographics that show everything you need to know

Really well rendered, they remind me of the great work that came out of el Pais and el Mundo of Spain in late nineties and the turn of the millennium

I would love to see what Rafa Hohr is up to with the Sunday Times, but a subscription wall stands between my curiosity and no doubt bloody good work...

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Chilean miners trapped in San Jose mine

Chilean miners trapped in San Jose mine: latest infographics from Sunday newspapers

The Independent on Sunday eschewed the trend for "rock textures" to give a stylised guide to the rescue. Informative, and designed to work with the page, the "yellow brick road" approach offers quite a lot of bite-sized information in a small space. Also important to note the reappearance of Glenn Swan's byline in the press.

Good luck Glenn

Second, Fleet Street's behemoth the Sunday Times takes perspective of the "journey to the surface". Its great. Rigorous and nicely rendered with very 'agreeable' illustrative details

Last, the Sunday Telegraph went 'balls-out' with information and attention to the details. It very much feels like a graphic you want to spent some time with. Even better with a pint on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This example also marks the return of Richard Burgess to the Telegraph group

It would be great to see examples from Spain, Latin America etc...

Please forward on

Monday, 4 October 2010

Globe and Mail goes green

Globe and Mail goes green

The Globe And Mail finally unveiled it's new redesign on Friday

Moving away from broadsheet (pic1) to a slightly larger than Berliner format (pic2), The Globe And Mail is now full-colour throughout and uses glossy paper for certain areas of the paper

The new KBA Commander CT presses provide unparalleled colour and registration quality coupled with an extremely fast output. The Globe And Mail prints from six printing plants spread across Canada

Saturday's issue included a fantastic double truck graphic (pic3) by Ninian Carter who is returning to the UK, and Tonia Cowan, which explains the new printing processes and green initiatives the Globe is striving to implement

It is understood that Carter will continue to work for the Globe and Mail

Monday, 27 September 2010

Lifetime achievement award: Javier Errea

Lifetime achievement award: Javier Errea

Here is a transcript from the SND website

Javier has had an incredibly broad impact in our industry. It’s an impressive list. So let’s get to it!

First, there’s the design work he’s done with Innovation International Media Consulting Group and his own company, Errea Comunicación. His team, based in Pamplona, Spain, specializes in newspaper design, editorial, graphic and web design, and journalism consulting in general. His high impact, intelligent work can be seen in publications across Europe, South America and the Middle East. Smart, innovative solutions, with journalistic flair, his work reflects the core values of everything this organization sets out to promote.

And he has contributed deeply and consistently to SND for a decade. He organizes the Malofiej conference – the world’s premier information graphics event. He organizes the ñh event – which assembles great speakers and honors the best of news design in Spain and Portugal. He also produces a book for that every year. And… he is the president of SND/E. For years, he has organized trips to the annual conferences for groups of Spanish journalists.

This year, Javier was instrumental in helping organize the first ever SND events in Milan and Rome. The popular seminars brought in 200 people.

And somehow, in amongst all this, he teaches a class in visual journalism at the University of Navarra.

Now I’d like to say something about Javier from the perspective of an infographic enthusiast. Through the Malofiej Awards and conference, Javier has dramatically raised the standards for information graphics throughout the world. When he took over the awards 10 years ago, they were basically dead on their feet. The absence of an awards book for three years had led to a precipitous drop in enthusiasm for the whole affair. But Javier systematically fixed the problems. He brought his intelligence and his style into the event. The change was remarkable. A beautifully designed annual, a revived conference with new ideas. He saved Malofiej. It is that simple. All infographics people should thank him from their hearts. And, believe me, we do.

No one could do this without a real passion for explanation through images. When you talk to Javier. you know right away that here is a person who is completely committed to the craft. He will tell you that although we are in a difficult transitional period, we are also in an age of unprecedented information, and visual-storytelling has more potential than ever. It’s a message of optimism, And one we can all carry with us from Denver, and into 2011.

Creative and innovative, modest and unassuming, welcoming and supportive. A true friend to SND, and an inspiration to us all.

For all these reasons, we honor Javier Errea with the SND’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ladies and gentlemen, Javier Errea!

Truly, truly well deserved. A friend and colleague. Lets raise a glass

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Telegraph for iPad

Enjoy the best of the Daily and Sunday Telegraph with our new iPad app

The app brings you the editors' selections from our award winning daily newspaper – from the sharpest political reporting to in-depth sports analysis and must-read columnists

The best includes UK news, World news, Sport, Business, Comment, Features and Analysis and award winning cartoonist of the year, Matt

Monday, 13 September 2010

Pope's visit interactives

Pope's visit to the UK

Pope Benedict XVI will visit the UK this week, during which he will beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman, putting him on the Path to sainthood

Two very different interactives from and the Guardian

Our insightful Telegraph offerings, focus on history of Catholicism and diocese data, where as the Guardian has also excellent background information on Newman and Benedict XVI

Both worthy of perusal and obviously heavily researched

The Catholic Herald and thepaplvisit sites also offer more information

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Deadly Genomes

Deadly Genomes and Virus around the world

The chart shows the genomes of a variety of bacteria and virus that cause disease among us

Each coloured line represents the genome of the bacterium or virus. The size of the genome and percentage of the guanine or cytosine (both are paired with in the double-stranded DNA) are also noted. This is labeled as GC content

This great and fascinating project by Martin Krzywinski, Ian Bosdet and Cydney Nielsen of Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre, shows structure, mortality and global deaths, by genome

Jonathan Corum of 13pt | Informational Design is behind the layout and typography

Visually it is both fascinating and interesting

Thanks to Mark Oliver of the Daily Telegraph

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Fast quality visual digital reporting

The fantastic Mr Esteban

Juan Antonio Giner of Innovation has produced a worthy homage to Chiqui Esteban who leads the New Visual Naratives department of in Madrid

His team: he, Carlos Gamez and Sarah Potts


3! (three)

They use Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4d, Dreamweaver, Soundbooth, Premiere and Click2Map for Google Maps

JAG comments

Chiqui and Carlos are fast like the best writers of the best newswire services

They are quick, but accurate, and always focus on “the news behind the news” trying to explain, to find out, discover new angles and delivering not just facts but graphic ideas and fast quality journalism

This is a 24/7 full time team and they are on permanent deadline mood

Chiqui and Carlos have limited resources but unlimited creativity, and shows what you can do when you have real journalists

Chique works with Mario Tascon, the Director

I remember many years ago at Malofiej, in the late 90's, Mario announced that in 10 years infographics would be dead

A huge gasp and grumble from the floor

Many said that he was mad, insane

Well, the truth is, that as we have seen with work from the NYT and Chiqui's work with, THESE are not infographics, not TV, not one dimensional print, not audio

But the future of news reporting



Information to and for the people

The new journalism!

Bee hive of activity

A bee hive of activity of world wide flights in 24 hrs

As the light of day moves across from east to west, you can see evening air traffic leaving the United States overnight to arrive in UK and Europe in the morning

As nightfall spreads east, see the flow change, leaving Europe to arrive in America

How many people are in the sky at any given moment?


Monday, 16 August 2010

UK Councils spend millions on their website redesigns

Councils spending millions on website redesigns as job cuts loom

A interactive shows the fees for the revamps, which come on top of salaries, were criticised by campaigners who say money would be better used ensuring workable internet access for residents

One council refreshed the look of its website eight times in a decade, another paid more than thousand pounds for a spellchecker – even though most word processing software bundles this free


Thursday, 5 August 2010

Cloned cow chaos

Cloned cow chaos born of supreme champion cow from United States

From a prize winning cow in Wisconsin to Nairn near Innverness in Scotland

In today's Daily Telegraph, Gordon Rayner provides great insight into the scandal

Reconstruction (infographic) of events:

Mark Rueth, a farmer in Oxford, Wisconsin, paid £9,800 ($15,500) to Cyagra Clone, a genetics firm, to create a copy of his Holstein cow, called Vandyk-K Integrity Paradise

The clone called Vandyk-K Integrity Paradise 2 was born in 2003

To recoup his outlay, Rueth set about inseminating the clone with seamen from a prize bull, Raging Crest Dundee, and selling the frozen embryo to three farms in the UK, which in turn implanted them into surrogates

Of those born from the surrogates, three were bulls, which in turn sired 97 calves

These bulls have since been killed, and two have entered the UK food chain, which is illegal. Food derived from cloned animals or their offspring cannot be sold in EU countries without a license, which are authorised by the Food Standards Agency (FSA)

As yet, no licenses have been requested

Thanks to Conrad Quilty-Harper

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

NYT Stop, Question and Frisk

NYT Stop, Question and Frisk interactive

Click here to enjoy another fantastic data interactive by the NYT

New York City’s police force, in its fight against crime, has increasingly used a strategy known as “stop, question and frisk,” which allows officers to stop someone based on a reasonable suspicion of crime. One expert has estimated New Yorkers are stopped at twice the national rate

Circles indicate the number of "stops" at each address or location in 2009 as reported by the NYPD

REAL data visualisation with meaning

Information caviar!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Top Secret America interactive

Top Secret America investigation by the Washington Post

Today, the third installment of the Washington Post's investigation into the growth of top-secret government work after Sept. 11, 2001, takes readers to the capital of Top Secret America. Fort Meade, anchors the largest of a dozen clusters of top-secret government organizations and the companies that do work for them.

They are in otherwise ordinary suburbs where hotels rent eavesdrop-proof rooms, road signs advertise job fairs for workers with top-secret clearances, and even the manhole covers are not what you might expect

ALL shown and can be viewed in print and online

A great interactive reference for ALL journalists

Click here for the intro video

Click here to read the stories

Click here to view the map

Click here to explore the connections

Click here to search the companies

Monday, 19 July 2010

Inside the NYT graphics department

Inside the New York Times graphics department with Gestalten in Berlin, have produced THE MUST SEE interview with Steve Duenes, Graphics Director and Archie Tse, Graphics Editor of the NYT. The graphic department at the NYT have won countless awards for their ground-braking and peerless graphic journalism. This video podcast offers an incredible insight into the minds of two leaders of the most successful graphics team in journalism

In extracts from the interview Duenes states the core requirement of his team philosophy:
It is our job to edit, to reduce and determine what it is about a story that someone wants to know, needs to know and try to convey a hierarchy of things that are really important and things that are a little less important, just interesting
And on relations with the newsroom:
There are plenty of word editors in our newsroom who have really terrific ideas about what might make a good graphic, and we actually owe these editors a lot because... we can't pay attention to everything and they like point out opportunities for us that turn out to be really exceptional graphics and we probably would never have done them if it weren't for word editors saying... "there's a clear visual angle and maybe you should get plugged in..."
Tse also comments on the newsroom and a usual graphic editor's role:
In the news room editors are people who sort of take content that has been created and then edit it, but in the graphics department, the graphic editors actually create a lot of content also, they do the reporting, they do the distilling of the information, we could also be called graphics reporters, or graphics journalists but editing is one part of our job
Later, Tse reveals the secret of the most successful infographic style book in the world, and what they do:
We don't, and we've made some attempts to create one in the past but, but its difficult because of the principles that we sort of follow are fluid and depend on the situation and they depend on the material that you have... I feel like what we should try to do is find a story that is uniquely visual that will give our readers a better understanding of what has happened
Duenes adds:
There's a visual language at the [New York] Times... that there is no law that governs what that visual language is... just a sought of an agreement between the designers about what works well and is clear

This interview was conducted in relation with the release of Gestalten's latest book Turning Pages: Editorial Design for Print Media


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Telegraph Media Group: Infographics vacancy

Daily and Sunday Telegraph: Infographics vacancy

Senior Graphics position
Telegraph Media Group

Job Description
Telegraph Media Group are offering this exciting and unique opportunity for a Senior Graphics position in the production of daily and weekend graphics of our two newspaper titles and expanding online empire

You will work closely with Editors, reporters and Design Directors to help them decide on suitable subjects for news coverage, and should be aware of news stories developing around the world. You will be responsible for creating, editing and producing ground-breaking graphics of the highest quality, in a news orientated environment

This position is crucial in our news, business and sporting coverage. You will need to be an experienced graphic artist, have a broad understanding of illustration and typography, have the talent to understand complex events and develop ideas with succinct visual explanations through hand drawn and conventional computer rendering. You should be able to develop creativity, professionalism and innovation within the team and ensure your continuous personal development

5-10 years experience or equivalent, and spoken English is required

All applications by July 30

To apply please email resume and five examples of information graphics in pdf format to:

Michael Agar
Head of Graphics TMG

Thursday, 8 July 2010

King Carles of Spain

King Carles of Spain ready to rule the world

Spain pay homage to Catalonia (i couldn't resist) with the special "Barca" relationship between Puyol and Xavi

Look at Carles Puyol's eye contact with Xavi Hernandez i Cruz on the back page of today's Independent

Great photojournalism

Xavi supplied the cross from the corner that was met by the skull of Puyol

This moment needs no words – they have playing together as men and boys for Barcelona together for 34 years

How fitting that Vicente del Bosque, the old Real Madrid boss, decided to trust even more in the cult of the Nou Camp and make history for Spain

Ian Chadband for the Telegraph writes a superb homage to the Catalans:

One goal was a paltry reflection of their complete command, even if teams who show some ambition against them – only Chile had previously done so – are liable, like Germany, to be barbecued. For a moment, the fear was that they would not be rewarded, that Germany might snatch victory just as a patient Inter had finally snared Barcelona in the Champions League.

But if the world can see just one more command performance from Spain, if they can bamboozle Holland in the same grand manner on Sunday, and if Van Marwijk doesn’t turn out to be Jose Mourinho, won’t winning the World Cup final sweep away all that Barca angst about losing their Champions League crown?

For by sticking to Barca's glorious principles and showing that, yes, their style can beat the world again, what a triumph for the game that would be. We would then be able to hail the finest champions since the Brazil of 1970

Sunday, 4 July 2010

World Cup innovation

World Cup infographic innovation

In a series for each country of the 24 who started the finals in South Africa, Luis Chumpitaz, Graphics Director for Al Bayan (designed by Innovation) in the Emirates, and his team have created wonderful infographics, like this example of Germany

But here's the beef...

The total supplement and each infographic are in Arabic and English

Is this a first in the world of visual reporting?

And infographics that have driven syndication (cash paid to your publisher) throughout the Arabian nations

Chumpitaz says:

This project was challenging because is the first time that, an Arabic newspaper recognizes that in Dubai the big population of expat like football, for this reason I suggested to make this supplement in two languages. After the approval my surprise was the reaction of the sport media in GCC, newspapers like Al Shabeeba in Oman, Al Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Al Sharaq in Qatar, and others in the rest of GCC countries took the decision acquire and print the supplement in their own countries. This was really good news!

Total football, total infographic caviar

Monday, 28 June 2010

Battle of Britain [2]

Battle of Britain – 70 years on

The battle in graphic form, in last weekend's Sunday Telegraph's Battle of Britain eight page supplement, which I hope to post this week

So rare these days to work on projects, time to think, time to develop

Over a week or two, Stefan Bayley and Ciaran Hughes played a blinder with visualising the content, and Fiona Mattias as always, steered the supplement, meticulously

My favorite part?

The daily number of aircraft lost from July 10 to the end of September

This is a lot of aircraft

And in the sky, over the southern coasts of England and initially across the deep channel

Can you imagine witnessing a dog-fight in clear summer skies?

I was walking the dogs this morning, and a Messerschmitt Me 109e idled above the Chiltern Valley, where I live

Great engines roaring

Imagine multiplying this by at least 100, and imagine the sounds of break-neck speed Me 109e and the British Spitfire – aircraft and each pilot with two aims – to kill and to survive

Is it impossible to "imagine you are there" with infographics? Whether we produce a more data/information driven, with illustration, or more decorative work with the added bonus of a annotated map – can our reader/viewer imagine themselves in the picture?

Maybe as children they can, adults maybe not

But the power off illustration goes along way in evoking these emotions

Although the infographic industry has grown and developed great analysts, visual reporters and chart divas, let us not forget the power of illustration

We contacted well known manufacturer of air-fix kits, and fortunately managed to manipulate a great image, to edit and show what we thought would benefit the page

Does it matter from where the visuals come?


Use what you can find

Make phone calls, and send emails

Show the story

Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain – 70 years on

Yes - ironic the day Germany's fantastically talented and youthful team, knock out a bunch of over-paid failures, the Sunday Telegraph produced a wonderful "Battle of Britain" supplement

Inside it told the story of the summer of 1940; The Spitfire – the envy of the enemy and historical by authors James Holland and Brian Milton

There was also a full-page broadsheet infographic, part of which is picture above

I will hope to upload these later today, with spreads also

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Britain's Boom to Bust

Britain's Boom to Bust

Ed Conway, the Telegraph's economics editor, talks us through Britain's boom and bust using eight key graphs – savings, GDP the FTSE and unemployment to name but a few

These graphs, with the aid of audio narrative, give key insight to the UK economy

Importantly, Conway talks to the graphs

The data

The visual facts

Without these key visual facts, it would be hard for the viewer/reader/listener to follow and be able to quantify the report

David Kinross built this excellent interactive

I think it is the first time at we have used such AS scripting to combine audio and information graphics to show and explain news and comment

But designed in a crisp, intellectual way

Minimal design

Maximum information

Information caviar

David Kinross has supplied some hot technical background for the coding involved in producing the interactive... many thanks David

Stuff used in the code

All Tweens are done using open source Tweenlite library.


Build the MP3 player using these 3 native AS3 classes

Sound Transform

Sound Channel

MS excel to XML conversion
The XML feeds which the flash file runs off where generated using PC freeware 'toXML'


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Book review [The Designer's Graphic Stew]

Book review [The Designer's Graphic Stew]

How exciting. To be offered design books to review

The Designer's Graphic Stew
, is much much more than what the cover shows

By Timothy Samara, his "visual ingredients, techniques, and layout recipes" really does feel like a book for our kitchen shelf. In this, his seventh published book on design and typography, Samara uses "menu" metaphor for structure, theme and rhythm, and "visual ingredients" season the book throughout. Even the "image cropping" section includes restaurant staff as case studies

On first inspection the book looks well conceived and professionally designed. The paper stock is high-end and the colour reproduction first class. It feels as though it should belong in any designer's library whether student or professional

And I don't mind that. Samara offers advice that will help anyone wishing to learn the basics, as guidelines and not disciplines, while also offering subtle reminders to the seasoned art director in the "dessert tray" at the rear of the book – case studies of various editorial/commercial/print/digital examples from the US

I found particular interest in the "Modular Grids" section on page 150:
In contrast to regular column grids, the modular grid also provides a set of consistent rows for increased precision...

The modular design grid is something I picked up from work with designers at the media consultancy group Innovation – a grid system that worked in any language and script

If the 'devil is in the detail', then Samara's latest book is a triple chocolate and whipped cream dessert. The layers of detail are what you make of it. The deeper your knowledge the longer your read. I spent at least an hour gorging over icon and pictogram examples

OK the cooking guises are sometimes over cooked:
Consider these strategies as building blocks–work from them with the ingredients and recipes that follow, and you're sure to become the chef de cuisine in your studio...

... but my general feeling is that this book is fun, very handy, and at times an excellent reference book to have in any studio

Monday, 14 June 2010

World Cup Goals

World Cup Goals – but don't make the news

The goal infographic should have made ALL the print editions of this Sunday's Telegraph

Steven Gerrard's 4th minute goal would have given us plenty of time to produce the goods for the first edition


Stefan Bayley and Ciaran Hughes rolled up their sleeves edited the text and imagery. Celebration pics and the glorious annotated England goal ready to rock

And then butter fingers buggers it up. The news changed


No celebrations

The infographic did not make it through all editions, only first

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Behind the paywall

Behind the paywall: interactives from the Sunday Times

And here we go

Remember the fantastic online interactives from El Pais in the late nineties and early noughties?

The genius behind those incredible Spanish clickable guides is now at the Sunday Times

Rafa Hohr, with John Smith's talented bunch have created this entertaining infographic which shows how engineers have been battling to stem the flow of oil which has been polluting the Gulf since the Deepwater Horizon explosion in April

Its simple yet informative and visually pleasing: the oil leak moves through the water, and bubbles rise from robot subs

Its great, and with the online background of Hohr, the Sunday Times will be producing interactive infographics previously seen on websites for El Pais and El Mundo in Madrid and Paddy Allen at the Guardian

Here is another example from Rafa

PS You may need to register, this of course will incur no cost during the trial period

WC2010: Will the US turn up?

WC2010: Will the US turn up?


We all make mistakes, annoyingly

But is this a mistake, or a complete cock-up?

Granted, Brazil will host the World Cup in 2014, but to confuse South America with South Africa, for the graphics editor to OK the job, for the news editor of channel WGN of Chicago to sign off the visuals before the on-air report...


Some commentators are offering the WGN graphics department the benefit of their doubt:

... something makes me think that the mistake was based in a lack of knowledge of geography rather than a simple confusion between ‘South Africa and South America.’ The question to ask is, how many other media outlets will make similar mistakes during the coverage this summer? I would bet that they just default to showing the entire continent of Africa to be safe

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Oil Spill tracker

Oil spill tracker

A fantastic interactive by the New York Times which allows the user to track the spill from the initial blowout

But the detail is also in the graphic reporting...
About the Oil Slick Areas Shown on the Map

The “probable extent” of the oil slick is an estimate by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of where oil is mostly likely to go based on wind and ocean current forecasts, as well as analysis of aerial photography and satellite imagery. The “observed extent” show areas where oil was visible on the surface of the water during aerial surveys of the Gulf. The observed extents are not available every day. The extents may vary widely from day to day because of changes in wind patterns and ocean currents.

But also check the 'estimate' of oil spilled in the chart, on the right of the interactive...


Sunday, 16 May 2010

Celebrity infographics

Celebrity infographics on TV

A cracking editorial decision by John Mullin, editor of the recently redesigned Independent on Sunday to question the Lib-Con coalition government and its "deep, deep splits on the environment"

The front page headline reads:
"Do blue and yellow really make green?"

Sometimes infographics and design transcend the usual "fill the square, headline and tick the box" journalism

Art Directed Colin Wilson and Graphics Editor Cath Levett produced the front page

Not simply asking the question

But showing the answer

Visuals and information

Brave judgement for a front page and editing with impact

Enough impact to make the Andrew Marr show on TV earlier this morning

Editorial caviar!

For the record the IoS has posted the biggest month-on-month sales increase, 8.99pc, and an 18.9pc rise in paid-for circulation in its sector

FTSE 350 executive pay

FTSE 350 executive pay interactive

Executive pay is more important as ever as the economy struggles to emerge from the recession

David Kinross has developed this interactive flash guide with Richard Blackden to track which of the 50-best paid execs from the FTSE 350 companies enjoy the highest salaries and the biggest cash bonuses

You can also click to see how share prices of the companies they work for have performed

Coding caviar!