Monday, 27 September 2010

Lifetime achievement award: Javier Errea

Lifetime achievement award: Javier Errea

Here is a transcript from the SND website

Javier has had an incredibly broad impact in our industry. It’s an impressive list. So let’s get to it!

First, there’s the design work he’s done with Innovation International Media Consulting Group and his own company, Errea Comunicaci├│n. His team, based in Pamplona, Spain, specializes in newspaper design, editorial, graphic and web design, and journalism consulting in general. His high impact, intelligent work can be seen in publications across Europe, South America and the Middle East. Smart, innovative solutions, with journalistic flair, his work reflects the core values of everything this organization sets out to promote.

And he has contributed deeply and consistently to SND for a decade. He organizes the Malofiej conference – the world’s premier information graphics event. He organizes the ├▒h event – which assembles great speakers and honors the best of news design in Spain and Portugal. He also produces a book for that every year. And… he is the president of SND/E. For years, he has organized trips to the annual conferences for groups of Spanish journalists.

This year, Javier was instrumental in helping organize the first ever SND events in Milan and Rome. The popular seminars brought in 200 people.

And somehow, in amongst all this, he teaches a class in visual journalism at the University of Navarra.

Now I’d like to say something about Javier from the perspective of an infographic enthusiast. Through the Malofiej Awards and conference, Javier has dramatically raised the standards for information graphics throughout the world. When he took over the awards 10 years ago, they were basically dead on their feet. The absence of an awards book for three years had led to a precipitous drop in enthusiasm for the whole affair. But Javier systematically fixed the problems. He brought his intelligence and his style into the event. The change was remarkable. A beautifully designed annual, a revived conference with new ideas. He saved Malofiej. It is that simple. All infographics people should thank him from their hearts. And, believe me, we do.

No one could do this without a real passion for explanation through images. When you talk to Javier. you know right away that here is a person who is completely committed to the craft. He will tell you that although we are in a difficult transitional period, we are also in an age of unprecedented information, and visual-storytelling has more potential than ever. It’s a message of optimism, And one we can all carry with us from Denver, and into 2011.

Creative and innovative, modest and unassuming, welcoming and supportive. A true friend to SND, and an inspiration to us all.

For all these reasons, we honor Javier Errea with the SND’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ladies and gentlemen, Javier Errea!

Truly, truly well deserved. A friend and colleague. Lets raise a glass

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Telegraph for iPad

Enjoy the best of the Daily and Sunday Telegraph with our new iPad app

The app brings you the editors' selections from our award winning daily newspaper – from the sharpest political reporting to in-depth sports analysis and must-read columnists

The best includes UK news, World news, Sport, Business, Comment, Features and Analysis and award winning cartoonist of the year, Matt

Monday, 13 September 2010

Pope's visit interactives

Pope's visit to the UK

Pope Benedict XVI will visit the UK this week, during which he will beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman, putting him on the Path to sainthood

Two very different interactives from and the Guardian

Our insightful Telegraph offerings, focus on history of Catholicism and diocese data, where as the Guardian has also excellent background information on Newman and Benedict XVI

Both worthy of perusal and obviously heavily researched

The Catholic Herald and thepaplvisit sites also offer more information

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Deadly Genomes

Deadly Genomes and Virus around the world

The chart shows the genomes of a variety of bacteria and virus that cause disease among us

Each coloured line represents the genome of the bacterium or virus. The size of the genome and percentage of the guanine or cytosine (both are paired with in the double-stranded DNA) are also noted. This is labeled as GC content

This great and fascinating project by Martin Krzywinski, Ian Bosdet and Cydney Nielsen of Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre, shows structure, mortality and global deaths, by genome

Jonathan Corum of 13pt | Informational Design is behind the layout and typography

Visually it is both fascinating and interesting

Thanks to Mark Oliver of the Daily Telegraph

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Fast quality visual digital reporting

The fantastic Mr Esteban

Juan Antonio Giner of Innovation has produced a worthy homage to Chiqui Esteban who leads the New Visual Naratives department of in Madrid

His team: he, Carlos Gamez and Sarah Potts


3! (three)

They use Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4d, Dreamweaver, Soundbooth, Premiere and Click2Map for Google Maps

JAG comments

Chiqui and Carlos are fast like the best writers of the best newswire services

They are quick, but accurate, and always focus on “the news behind the news” trying to explain, to find out, discover new angles and delivering not just facts but graphic ideas and fast quality journalism

This is a 24/7 full time team and they are on permanent deadline mood

Chiqui and Carlos have limited resources but unlimited creativity, and shows what you can do when you have real journalists

Chique works with Mario Tascon, the Director

I remember many years ago at Malofiej, in the late 90's, Mario announced that in 10 years infographics would be dead

A huge gasp and grumble from the floor

Many said that he was mad, insane

Well, the truth is, that as we have seen with work from the NYT and Chiqui's work with, THESE are not infographics, not TV, not one dimensional print, not audio

But the future of news reporting



Information to and for the people

The new journalism!

Bee hive of activity

A bee hive of activity of world wide flights in 24 hrs

As the light of day moves across from east to west, you can see evening air traffic leaving the United States overnight to arrive in UK and Europe in the morning

As nightfall spreads east, see the flow change, leaving Europe to arrive in America

How many people are in the sky at any given moment?