Friday, 28 August 2009

Arctic Sea: who's the wiser

Newspaper versus magazines

Time magazine produced this wonderful, simple, clean sequential infographic which tells the story of the Russian owned 'Arctic Sea'

Its design-led textures of 45 degree lines

Its pictogram ship and easy to understand design is similar to that of the Independent on Sunday and Guardian stylebooks

I like it

But we have to rely on the words for information. The visual shows us nothing, whereas the words tell us the news

So not really an infographic

At the Telegraph, we opted for the traditional infographic deployment

Photo, map with a 'estimated' route and statistical background

I think it is also and interesting read

But who gets any more or less from either example?

Do we understand more, from these examples, if we 'show' less

Is it best to rely on the 'telling' rather than the 'showing' of the news?

Let us discuss

Monday, 24 August 2009

Your 'Galacticos XI'

Drag and drop interactive

Fantastic, fun work by my good friend Chiqui Esteban at, just click on this link

Real have so much choice, and a huge squad of great players

Have a go and chose your best teamm, which should on paper, win the CL

New media for old media

Visual journalism education come to London!

I think its well worth a visit, if you can

Here are the details

Camp Video Journalism - London

Oct. 26-29, 2009

Master the art of producing video stories over four days of training. Learn the secrets of building a visual story, interviewing and script writing. Course also introduces basic edits and story planning to speed up production time.

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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Show don't tell

Two nice jobs over the weekend

The infographic above 'Muslim Europe' tackles the demographic time bomb which is transforming our continent

Europe's low white birth rate, couples with faster multiplying migrants, will change what we fundamentally what we take to mean 'European culture and society'

Although European elites have yet to grapple with the broader issues of race and identity surrounding Muslims and a sound integration policy

On a lighter note and by the same infografista Ciaran Hughes, a wonderful clean and stylish illustration printed in today's Sunday Telegraph