Thursday, 27 May 2010

Oil Spill tracker

Oil spill tracker

A fantastic interactive by the New York Times which allows the user to track the spill from the initial blowout

But the detail is also in the graphic reporting...
About the Oil Slick Areas Shown on the Map

The “probable extent” of the oil slick is an estimate by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of where oil is mostly likely to go based on wind and ocean current forecasts, as well as analysis of aerial photography and satellite imagery. The “observed extent” show areas where oil was visible on the surface of the water during aerial surveys of the Gulf. The observed extents are not available every day. The extents may vary widely from day to day because of changes in wind patterns and ocean currents.

But also check the 'estimate' of oil spilled in the chart, on the right of the interactive...


Sunday, 16 May 2010

Celebrity infographics

Celebrity infographics on TV

A cracking editorial decision by John Mullin, editor of the recently redesigned Independent on Sunday to question the Lib-Con coalition government and its "deep, deep splits on the environment"

The front page headline reads:
"Do blue and yellow really make green?"

Sometimes infographics and design transcend the usual "fill the square, headline and tick the box" journalism

Art Directed Colin Wilson and Graphics Editor Cath Levett produced the front page

Not simply asking the question

But showing the answer

Visuals and information

Brave judgement for a front page and editing with impact

Enough impact to make the Andrew Marr show on TV earlier this morning

Editorial caviar!

For the record the IoS has posted the biggest month-on-month sales increase, 8.99pc, and an 18.9pc rise in paid-for circulation in its sector

FTSE 350 executive pay

FTSE 350 executive pay interactive

Executive pay is more important as ever as the economy struggles to emerge from the recession

David Kinross has developed this interactive flash guide with Richard Blackden to track which of the 50-best paid execs from the FTSE 350 companies enjoy the highest salaries and the biggest cash bonuses

You can also click to see how share prices of the companies they work for have performed

Coding caviar!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

UK Election infographics

UK Election infographics

Nice clean infographics from the Guardian, Independent, FT and the Daily Telegraph today

And a great proportional representative map from the FT which included constituency names and a label in each corner where a 'swing' had occurred and a colour tab to show from which party

And check out the various online result interactives on the above links

The Guardian has devoted their homepage to infographics

Expect more infographic coverage from the Sunday newspapers tomorrow

Love it!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

IoS election coverage

Independent on Sunday election coverage

Again, Cath Levett and the IoS provide the goods

Election clarity

And a true guide the your election!

1 On the night possible swings

2 The seats and battlegrounds to watch produced on a "proportional representation" map

3 The morning after possible scenarios and outcome for the new or hung parliament

And following from my earlier post regarding proportional representation, Levett comments:

The geographical map, is a "visual lie", as many Labour seats are packed into densely populated urban areas, while the Tories hold many larger, rural constituencies

Editorial and Infographic caviar

NYT [Europe's Web of Debt]

Excellent graphic by the New York Times

And a great blog by JAG

He thinks that Spain could be the next Greece

Interestingly he comments that the Spanish bankruptcy will destroy the Euro and damage the economies of the French, German and the British

Expect a bigger crisis

Monday, 3 May 2010

NYT bombtastic

NYT bombtastic

Fantastic breaking news infographic by the New York Times

Using Google Earth to create the 'scene' and usual Photoshop and Illustrator techniques to edit the visuals

This print graphic and also published online enabling 'links' to connect with other video and related articles

Here is the NYT timeline

The Events Saturday Night
6:28 p.m The Nissan S.U.V. first appears on surveillance cameras driving west on 45th Street

MINUTES LATER Two vendors see smoke coming out of the S.U.V. and alert the police

THE NISSAN PATHFINDER Police have identified the vehicle’s registered owner. The rear license plate belongs to another vehicle that is in a repair shop in Connecticut

THE SUSPECT Police are examining video of a white man in Shubert Alley looking back toward West 45th Street