Thursday, 11 February 2010

[Winter Olympics] CURLING infographic

Winter Olympics: Curling infographic

The second of five graphics to be published in the Daily and Sunday Telegraph

This graphic published in today's paper was researched and produced by Ciaran Hughes

It shows the very simple rules and how to play

Keeping with the colours and style set for the series, the infographic is lively, fun and sooo easy to understand. Which are but just a few of Ciaran's many strengths

To be honest, I just can't get my head around 'curling' as a profession

But as one of the many who cheered on the Gold medal winning Rhona Martin and her team in 2002, yes 2002...

... get Hacking and Hogging team GB!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

[Winter Olympics] BOBSLEIGH infographic

Winter Olympics: Bobsleigh infographic

The first in a series of graphics to be published in the Daily and Sunday Telegraph

Researched and produced by Stefan Bayley, it shows course, the sled and the all important start

Amazingly, as you can see in the example, 'that prior racing shoes, which have small spikes on the soles, wire brushes were used to aid grip on the ice...'

Photoshop iPhone app


I hope that this works as I am trying to blog from my seat on the train

The image was shot in the office from my iPhone and colourised with the Photoshop app

iPhone caviar

Monday, 8 February 2010

Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation and Quantitative Easing explained by Ciaran Hughes in the Daily Telegraph

The idea, initiated by a infographic which appeared in the Guardian last year

The tried and tested theory of using 'shapes' to 'show' data volume, this example had as many critics in the newsroom as admirers

Maybe the graphic was a little 'modernistic' to explain the story on the front page of the Telegraph's Business section

I disagree

On the left we can see the 'running total' of the value of assets purchased, against the 'monthly total' on the right hand side, keyed at the top of the graphic

I think the reader is able to understand the depth of the financial stimulus package, and when

I love it

Simple, different and colourful

Infographic Caviar!

Jalalabad to Kabul highway

The highway between Kabul and Jalalabad with scenes of beauty and terror

A fantastic online editorial by the NYT illustrates the danger for most Afghans who dare to drive along the country's most treacherous road, where scores are killed or injured

The Kabul-to-Jalalabad road was paved for the first time by the West German government in 1960. In the 1980s, it was almost entirely obliterated during the insurrection against the Soviet invasion. In the decade that followed, when the Taliban and other armed groups fought to control the country, the road was a blasted moonscape

The piece poignantly ends with some apt dialogue which I guess sums up the motoring skills of an Afghan, even an educated Afghan...

Each day, the broken and bloody arrive at the Sarobi Hospital, a small clinic in the town at the head of the gorge.

“Most of our patients were injured in accidents,” said Ros Mohammed Jabbar Khel, the chief surgeon.

Dr. Jabbar Khel has a plan to buy a fleet of ambulances and stage them at various points along the gorge. That way, he figures, he could save a lot of lives. He said he was waiting for the money to come from the government in Kabul.

Dr. Jabbar Khel himself drives the gorge several times a week. And each time, he said, he is filled with fear — not for his own abilities, but for those of the others.

“I have a license!” the doctor said. “I took lessons!”

Bloody Hell!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Infographics News: What are you sending to Malofiej18

Infographics News: What are you sending to Malofiej18

There are some fantastic infographic examples sent to Chiqui Esteban's blog Infographic News from Cath Levett of the Independent on Sunday

Esteban's 'no contest just sharing' share-a-thon is attracting many examples from various newspapers around the world, of what they would or might send to the University of Navarra's Malofiej Infographic Summit

Ciaran Hughes has posted some examples of his super work to Chiqui's blog