Thursday, 10 June 2010

Behind the paywall

Behind the paywall: interactives from the Sunday Times

And here we go

Remember the fantastic online interactives from El Pais in the late nineties and early noughties?

The genius behind those incredible Spanish clickable guides is now at the Sunday Times

Rafa Hohr, with John Smith's talented bunch have created this entertaining infographic which shows how engineers have been battling to stem the flow of oil which has been polluting the Gulf since the Deepwater Horizon explosion in April

Its simple yet informative and visually pleasing: the oil leak moves through the water, and bubbles rise from robot subs

Its great, and with the online background of Hohr, the Sunday Times will be producing interactive infographics previously seen on websites for El Pais and El Mundo in Madrid and Paddy Allen at the Guardian

Here is another example from Rafa

PS You may need to register, this of course will incur no cost during the trial period

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  1. I don't think I'm going to be paying £1 to see a super interactive animation on the BP cock-up no matter how brilliant the creator is. I'm going to watch/interact with the rather elegant one on the BBC's website or with one of the dozens of other ones that exist on news websites around the globe for free instead.

    Can The Sunday Times pay model succeed? I think you have to first ask whether or not other newspapers are going to copy it. I don't think they are. And even if most of them did, if a couple of really respectable news groups decided to stay free, then folks are going to mostly go there instead and their 'free' revenue streams are going to go through the ceiling. I think The Sunday Times will try this for 18 months and then pack it in.

    What do others think?


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