Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Pre Budget Report

Fine work by the Guardian today

Infographic analysis, a column wide showing UK GDP sector share between 1970 and 2007

For example in 1970 'manufacturing' was 31.7%, whereas two years ago it checkout out at 12.4% of the UK's core money spinner

Apologies for the poor scan, but the graphic is so clear, and well conceived that only a complete numpty can not see the extremely clear, sector comparisons, ahead of Alistair Darlings' final Pre Budget Report

A great piece of work!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Climate change refugees

The world's first climate change refugees

They are not please with their new-found notoriety, but the inhabitants of the Carteret Islands, after their 300 year history, will be uprooted and evacuated from their homes

The cause: rising sea levels

Where the once white beaches made the island a secret idyll, the highest point now only stands 5ft above sea level

An interactive, by scrolling down the home page by David Kinross, shows this perfectly

The 'Tulin' – people who come from the ocean – and interviewed by the Daily Telegraph, can be seen and heard here on

Lets hope the world leaders at the summit in Copenhagen can sort their squabbles and deliver