Monday, 28 June 2010

Battle of Britain [2]

Battle of Britain – 70 years on

The battle in graphic form, in last weekend's Sunday Telegraph's Battle of Britain eight page supplement, which I hope to post this week

So rare these days to work on projects, time to think, time to develop

Over a week or two, Stefan Bayley and Ciaran Hughes played a blinder with visualising the content, and Fiona Mattias as always, steered the supplement, meticulously

My favorite part?

The daily number of aircraft lost from July 10 to the end of September

This is a lot of aircraft

And in the sky, over the southern coasts of England and initially across the deep channel

Can you imagine witnessing a dog-fight in clear summer skies?

I was walking the dogs this morning, and a Messerschmitt Me 109e idled above the Chiltern Valley, where I live

Great engines roaring

Imagine multiplying this by at least 100, and imagine the sounds of break-neck speed Me 109e and the British Spitfire – aircraft and each pilot with two aims – to kill and to survive

Is it impossible to "imagine you are there" with infographics? Whether we produce a more data/information driven, with illustration, or more decorative work with the added bonus of a annotated map – can our reader/viewer imagine themselves in the picture?

Maybe as children they can, adults maybe not

But the power off illustration goes along way in evoking these emotions

Although the infographic industry has grown and developed great analysts, visual reporters and chart divas, let us not forget the power of illustration

We contacted well known manufacturer of air-fix kits, and fortunately managed to manipulate a great image, to edit and show what we thought would benefit the page

Does it matter from where the visuals come?


Use what you can find

Make phone calls, and send emails

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  1. Excellent graphic - full of data, easy to read, love the illustrations


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