Monday, 27 December 2010

Pakistan: drone strikes

Pakistan: drone strike double

Ex-Telegraph infographic genius Ciaran Hughes has produced this excellent flash interactive for Channel 4 tv network, his new office since leaving later this year

In the last 12 months there have been at least 113 attacks by secret US drones in Pakistan's mountainous Waziristan region.

It is double the number of strikes in 2009, which itself saw a dramatic spike, bringing the total number of attacks under President Obama to an estimated figure of 166. That marks an increase of nearly 300 per cent compared with the last four years of the Bush presidency

Quite a tasty dish me thinks

Mapping, histogram and data viz

Its got the lot in such a small space

Speaking of iPad's and flash, is there any updates on when we can view flash-based interactives on the apple tablet..?

If not, then Flash to some extent is surely redundo

I hope this Apple/Adobe situation is remedied

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