Thursday, 5 August 2010

Cloned cow chaos

Cloned cow chaos born of supreme champion cow from United States

From a prize winning cow in Wisconsin to Nairn near Innverness in Scotland

In today's Daily Telegraph, Gordon Rayner provides great insight into the scandal

Reconstruction (infographic) of events:

Mark Rueth, a farmer in Oxford, Wisconsin, paid £9,800 ($15,500) to Cyagra Clone, a genetics firm, to create a copy of his Holstein cow, called Vandyk-K Integrity Paradise

The clone called Vandyk-K Integrity Paradise 2 was born in 2003

To recoup his outlay, Rueth set about inseminating the clone with seamen from a prize bull, Raging Crest Dundee, and selling the frozen embryo to three farms in the UK, which in turn implanted them into surrogates

Of those born from the surrogates, three were bulls, which in turn sired 97 calves

These bulls have since been killed, and two have entered the UK food chain, which is illegal. Food derived from cloned animals or their offspring cannot be sold in EU countries without a license, which are authorised by the Food Standards Agency (FSA)

As yet, no licenses have been requested

Thanks to Conrad Quilty-Harper

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