Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Britain's Boom to Bust

Britain's Boom to Bust

Ed Conway, the Telegraph's economics editor, talks us through Britain's boom and bust using eight key graphs – savings, GDP the FTSE and unemployment to name but a few

These graphs, with the aid of audio narrative, give key insight to the UK economy

Importantly, Conway talks to the graphs

The data

The visual facts

Without these key visual facts, it would be hard for the viewer/reader/listener to follow and be able to quantify the report

David Kinross built this excellent interactive

I think it is the first time at we have used such AS scripting to combine audio and information graphics to show and explain news and comment

But designed in a crisp, intellectual way

Minimal design

Maximum information

Information caviar

David Kinross has supplied some hot technical background for the coding involved in producing the interactive... many thanks David

Stuff used in the code

All Tweens are done using open source Tweenlite library.


Build the MP3 player using these 3 native AS3 classes

Sound Transform

Sound Channel

MS excel to XML conversion
The XML feeds which the flash file runs off where generated using PC freeware 'toXML'


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