Sunday, 16 May 2010

Celebrity infographics

Celebrity infographics on TV

A cracking editorial decision by John Mullin, editor of the recently redesigned Independent on Sunday to question the Lib-Con coalition government and its "deep, deep splits on the environment"

The front page headline reads:
"Do blue and yellow really make green?"

Sometimes infographics and design transcend the usual "fill the square, headline and tick the box" journalism

Art Directed Colin Wilson and Graphics Editor Cath Levett produced the front page

Not simply asking the question

But showing the answer

Visuals and information

Brave judgement for a front page and editing with impact

Enough impact to make the Andrew Marr show on TV earlier this morning

Editorial caviar!

For the record the IoS has posted the biggest month-on-month sales increase, 8.99pc, and an 18.9pc rise in paid-for circulation in its sector

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  1. I wonder if the recent BP spill off the coast of Texas would change this graphic since they might not be so open to coastal oil drilling....


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