Tuesday, 15 September 2009

EU interactive

Eurostats are go

Following the Telegraph EU series I mentioned earlier David Kinross has developed our online data monster

All countries are clickable and offer comparisons with various valuable data

A visual database or sorts

Check it out and fill your boots

Roman centrepiece

Bloody hell

More infographia by the ingl├ęs conquistadors

This jolly centrepiece from Richard Burgess at the Independent on Sunday

Printed on the 13 September, its got the lot

Illustration, diagrams, maps, photo, cut-outs, film grabs and a timeline

Again, why read the report when you can enjoy the infographic

Beautiful tones, sympathetic to one another

My only note is that typographically, it is flat

No size or weight dynamic

But still its a joy to hold and read

And fantastic piece of work

Infographic caviar!

Speaking my language

Who speaks what across the EU

In the second day of the Telegraph's 'State of Europe' series, we've addressed this issue;

Apparently french is the numero uno language for the EU-27

Well that is just a load of tosh

Clearly, on 51%, the spreche of Rooney, Thatcher and Grimwade is first

And amazingly the EU Commission spent 100m euros interpreting 23 official patois in 2005

The things you now know!

Sexism in the city

Cracking graphic by the Guardian today

Pay equality among executives, male and female

Which shows that only five top women executives earn more than the average of all male executives in the FTSE100

The Guardian have ironed out the problem of 'width disparity' of the spiral increments, which received a few words of caution in the industry

But I think this is very clear, and the colour fab

Why read the piece when you can understand the reporting in the infographic

My only concern is that part of the scale in white was printed in the gutter


Monday, 14 September 2009

A new Review

A new family member for the Daily Telegraph designed by Himesh Patel

Launched on Saturday, a well designed supplement

Biased, yes, of course, but a thing of great beauty all the same

Bringing together arts, film, books, stage, music and tv listings, it is a super section

Clean and crisp typography, the font 'Newface'

Saturday, 12 September 2009

The last Aztec

A great pullout section in today's Sunday Telegraph

And a great infographic detailing the fall of the Aztecs

Stefan Bayley and Ciaran Hughes have produced an interesting account of the Aztec empire, and the what and the how's

As we say, god is in the detail

And this work has mucho

I like this graphic as it tells and shows a profound account of Moctezuma II, and the life and times of rule for the Aztecs under him

There is so much to learn in this graphic

Like National Geographic, and the works from El Correo, we feel a 'visual overview' narrative

Something not really seen enough in the UK press

as a friend and colleague of INNOVATION would and will say... "infographic caviar"

Thursday, 10 September 2009

9|11: eight years on...

Superb interactive journalism

Many angles, many takes of footage from the day we won't forget

History.com have produced this wonderful example of a complete editorial package online

Via a 3d rendering of lower Manhattan at 8:45 am (est), we can chose from which angle to watch video footage, taken by the public

We can also read their story and watch the 'film makers' interview - the eye witness

Although the main event marked a notch on the trunk of history, these lives that changed are the real story