Monday, 13 December 2010

Infographic premonition

Kevin Nolan v Liverpool

Infographic premonition from Alan Smith

Smith, the author of the column in the Telegraph Sport section, writes;

"Pardew must ensure proper Carroll service. Rather than try to beat his full-back, Barton [Joey] has made a habit this season of swinging in crosses from anything up to 30 yards out. And if the delivery is right this afternoon, Carroll will fancy his chances of beating Skrtel or Kyrgiakos in the air (top graphic). After that, as always, it's a question of who reaches the knock-down first"

The preview graphic shows the cross from Barton to Carroll, who heads the ball down for Nolan to go on and stick the ball in the net

I've also (hopefully) attached a video of the goal

If it does not play, please watch it here

A stroke of luck, premonition or whatever

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