Wednesday, 15 December 2010

NYT maps every city and every block

NYT maps every city and every block in the United States

A wonderful interactive, as always, from the New York Times

Based on samples taken from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey during 2005 and 2009, this interactive enables us to understand the distribution breakdown of racial and ethnic groups across the country

Looking at the data viz in the map of Manhattan, check out the ethnic divide along East 97th Street

Also impressive, although not surprising is the yellow glow of Miami

Interesting facts from the editorial:

Nine jurisdictions had populations in which more than one-third of their residents were foreign-born. These included three counties in California (Los Angeles, Santa Clara and San Francisco), two county equivalents in Alaska (Aleutians East Borough and Aleutians West Census Area) and two counties in New York (Kings and Queens)

There were 292 counties with populations that were less than 1 percent foreign-born, including 34 counties in Kentucky, 27 in West Virginia, 26 in Missouri and 21 in Mississippi

Interactive caviar indeed!

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