Monday, 27 December 2010

Pakistan: drone strikes

Pakistan: drone strike double

Ex-Telegraph infographic genius Ciaran Hughes has produced this excellent flash interactive for Channel 4 tv network, his new office since leaving later this year

In the last 12 months there have been at least 113 attacks by secret US drones in Pakistan's mountainous Waziristan region.

It is double the number of strikes in 2009, which itself saw a dramatic spike, bringing the total number of attacks under President Obama to an estimated figure of 166. That marks an increase of nearly 300 per cent compared with the last four years of the Bush presidency

Quite a tasty dish me thinks

Mapping, histogram and data viz

Its got the lot in such a small space

Speaking of iPad's and flash, is there any updates on when we can view flash-based interactives on the apple tablet..?

If not, then Flash to some extent is surely redundo

I hope this Apple/Adobe situation is remedied

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

F1 glamor from the Middle East

F1 glamor from the Middle East

Again, the most fantastic and innovative work coming from Luis Chumpitaz and his team

Amazing detail, over many spreads in an entire print-run devoted to the coverage of Formula One, in graphic form

A huge project similar to the award-winning Olympic project poster set design by the very same man

Beautiful and well delivered


Merry Christmas

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

NYT maps every city and every block

NYT maps every city and every block in the United States

A wonderful interactive, as always, from the New York Times

Based on samples taken from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey during 2005 and 2009, this interactive enables us to understand the distribution breakdown of racial and ethnic groups across the country

Looking at the data viz in the map of Manhattan, check out the ethnic divide along East 97th Street

Also impressive, although not surprising is the yellow glow of Miami

Interesting facts from the editorial:

Nine jurisdictions had populations in which more than one-third of their residents were foreign-born. These included three counties in California (Los Angeles, Santa Clara and San Francisco), two county equivalents in Alaska (Aleutians East Borough and Aleutians West Census Area) and two counties in New York (Kings and Queens)

There were 292 counties with populations that were less than 1 percent foreign-born, including 34 counties in Kentucky, 27 in West Virginia, 26 in Missouri and 21 in Mississippi

Interactive caviar indeed!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Infographic premonition

Kevin Nolan v Liverpool

Infographic premonition from Alan Smith

Smith, the author of the column in the Telegraph Sport section, writes;

"Pardew must ensure proper Carroll service. Rather than try to beat his full-back, Barton [Joey] has made a habit this season of swinging in crosses from anything up to 30 yards out. And if the delivery is right this afternoon, Carroll will fancy his chances of beating Skrtel or Kyrgiakos in the air (top graphic). After that, as always, it's a question of who reaches the knock-down first"

The preview graphic shows the cross from Barton to Carroll, who heads the ball down for Nolan to go on and stick the ball in the net

I've also (hopefully) attached a video of the goal

If it does not play, please watch it here

A stroke of luck, premonition or whatever