Thursday, 8 April 2010

Election erections

Elections erections: its go go time

All the nationals gave it large on Tuesday, massive editorials, mega party-leader pics and huge amounts of infographics

The Times advertised an election map "Free inside" on their masthead

We at the Daily Telegraph produced the UK's favorite election tool – the swingometer – what seats Cameron must win to swing the election in favor of the Conservatives

A huge amount most likely not enough to win an outright majority

Along with swingometers' and general election good election coverage, the Telegraph also interactively helps you how to vote

In the Independent, they produced the last elections results in today's new boundary format


We are surely used to the Independent producing much more interesting editorial, although one can imagine that most commissioning editors think that the election map of the UK is key to any election...


It is a visual lie

For the 2005 election result, while working for the Observer, Cath Levett, Ciaran Hghes and I produced an proportionate example of how the electorate voted (mainly concentrated urban areas in red) and what the constitutional (mainly blue for rural reasons) map compared

The result being a very blue constituency map of the UK, but the majority of votes going to the red of Labour

Please - for any visual reporting for this election, I urge many to look at current graphics from the Guardian, most certainly on Tuesday

It should serve many swell over the next few weeks

Not news based, but excellent and well planned election coverage

The pick of the best being Mark McCormick's online extraveganza

Infographic Caviar indeedy

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