Thursday, 15 April 2010

Grey London adds colour to BA deal

Grey London adds colour to BA deal

Slightly behind with the news, apologies, but I collected these graphics last week

It is a huge deal, and the Guardian headline to the editorial "British Airways name to vanish from FTSE if Iberia merger succeeds" – slightly summed up the weight of the story

But apart from the two loss making businesses holding each other up, like two drunks trying to find their way home, the use of graphics by the UK press and that of the Spanish, could have not been more different

None are necessarily better or worse pound for pound, content for content, but the offerings by the Guardian and from the Daily Telegraph show that colourful and interesting financial infographics is good business

On one hand we have the basic chart, and in the other multimedia data visualisation

And here, in print, we can see the benefits of both disciplines in very different journalistic strategies

Business is good!

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