Sunday, 25 April 2010

Caviar gráfico en gran vía

Caviar gráfico en gran vía

I am waiting for more images and quotes from Juantxo Cruz – the Head of Infographics at El Mundo newspaper in Madrid

I'm afraid that this is another example of wonderful showcase visual journalism from his team

I think i'm write is thinking the poster graphic shows the entire history of every building on the "Great Way" – the ornate and upmarket shopping street in Spain's capital city

Designed in the mid 19th century to connect the Calle de Alcalá with the Plaza de España, the project required many buildings in the city to be demolished, earning it the name of "an axe blow on the map"

More great graphics from el Mundo

Pure infographic caviar


  1. Fantastic - not unlike the DK Eyewitness guide to the Grand Canal

  2. Sure, beautiful piece of work from El Mundo ...


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