Thursday, 15 April 2010

General Election leaders' TV debate

General Election leaders' TV debate

Its party time, the 2010 election has finally started, and Nick Clegg has smashed through the "two-party system" in the historic TV debate on ITV tonight

The Telegraph’s verdict

Benedict Brogan says Cameron stayed calm but Clegg got the cream

Janet Daley believes there was no clear winner

And the Telegraph explains that Clegg used the first TV debate to best effect

I agree: Round 1 to the Lib Dems

The Polls
Telegraph: Clegg: 40 per cent, Brown: 16 per cent, Cameron: 44 per cent
Sky: Clegg: 37 per cent, Brown: 32 per cent, Cameron: 31 per cent
ITV: Clegg: 43 per cent, Brown: 20 per cent, Cameron: 26 per cent

All other press is running with the same theme, Guardian, Independent and the Times

Usual press/party bias applies, as expected

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