Monday, 26 April 2010

Caviar gráfico en gran vía [2]

Powerful words from Juantxo Cruz

He is a man that cares about his art, his profession, his newspaper but most importantly his readers

He cares about the "man on the street"

That was a really crazy work. Modesto J. Carrasco and Isabel González were the creative directors of the Gran Via Poster

I only did the coordination of all the team [and was] 1.82 meters long

We had a meeting with Madrid Department (M2) supplement in late February. First idea was to arrange a graphic on four or five newspaper pages, no more. That's enough

We needed a lot of help, so we hired beautiful Cristina Rodrigo, a great researcher, to find out all information about the historic street

A lot of Editors don't understand why an Infographic Department needs a researcher. But they need them, and not only one

During the process, we had to be doing the daily graphics too

I remembered the day terrorist band ETA killed a French Policeman in France

The First ETA Killing in our neighbourhood country. Would you imagine it?

Main editor wanted a big firing graphic, and all the team was working on the Gran Via project. Stop! let´s go to the breaking news, the real work for any person who decides to work on a paper

In the middle of March, Advertisement Department saw first [sketches] and got crazy: ‘We love that, we want a big poster’

Translating: That´s a good stuff for ads

Time was running [out as] we have to finish it by 4 April. So, we ran a lot (every building took 3 hours of work, and there are 80 buildings in the Gran Vía)

That's our bet. Functional Design, visualisation tendencies, flow statistics, cool Java scripts commands and all this stuff is great, but people on the street [do not] understand them

That poster is a classic. And Old style visual guide. For readers. For ‘madrileños’

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