Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Moscow blasts: UK breaking news maps

Moscow blasts: UK breaking news maps

Maps in Tuesday's news sections, yes Foreign news that has made it to the Home news section

Almost beggars belief, here we start with the Times on page 3, and then we have the Independent, the Guardian, the FT and finally the Daily Telegraph with a map/graphic on their Foreign pages

Interesting that the Independent, the Guardian and the FT all have included the Metro lines of geographical importance

The Times chose not to, and like wise we at the Telegraph. Maybe we at the Telegraph should of, but I guess we were too busy explaining other things, that it was another level of information to much

As well as showing a likeness of the Black Widows, we preferred to show where Chechnya is in location to Moscow, keeping with the flow of the story

For other footage and reporting, please click here for BBC News, and an interactive by the NYT here

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