Friday, 19 March 2010

Jaro: visualising Malofiej18

Jaro visualises Malofiej18

Fantastic illustrator from Berlin Jaroslaw Kaschtalinski, has captured his memories of the Show Don't Tell with John Grimwade and Juan Velasco, and the Malofiej Infographics World Summit in Pamplona from earlier this month

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Jaro is a world class illustrator, who also produces animation, character design, story boarding and game development. He now works for the awarding winning ├╝ber communication design group Kircher-Burkhardt

My Creative Director at the Telegraph, Himesh Patel and I met Jaro in the Jumping Jester, and then at the conference. He's a great guy who can't stand still. So many ideas and always wanting to create and draw

Yes draw

He's a great guy, and was a real pleasure to meet him in Spain

Check him out!

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