Monday, 29 March 2010

NYT – the art of total journalism

NYT – the art of total journalism

This online report by the New York Times, is possibly, one of the finest of any modern journalism, shows us that the efficiency of footwork is the key to Federer's success

Introduced as a winner in Pamplona, its got the lot

You don't need to be a tennis fan to love this

For me – the best

Voice over from a tennis coach, animation, diagrammatics, video footage and clickable navigation, this project surely points the forward for any media organisation wanting to discover the next level of journalism

It should also be noted, that this reporting could never work on TV as the viewer can control what he/she wants to view, it is visual and so would not work on radio, and because it is animated it leaves print journalism in its slipstream

Although accepted, I recognise that we could extrapolate what we need and produce in illustrator for the print news edition

But this is not the point

This is the power of online journalism, about recognisable forms and people

Visual reporting that transcends infographics

For general society, for the future

Who needs TV when you can watch an iPhone app, or what is new on your iPad?

And a future shaped by infographic editors

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  1. It works very well but it doesn't seem as groundbreaking as some of their work previously.
    It all comes from a concise, descriptive script and the decision to strip back the visual element to allow the information to be highlighted. All the stranger then to have that colour picture of a slalom skier slide in - what does that add?
    The graphic treatment isn't that dissimilar from graphics seen on television, it's just that this format allows the viewer to pause or skip the video or to go to the menu, in the same way you can on a DVD. Any idea how long it took to produce?


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