Sunday, 19 April 2009

Koutoubia tower [Marrakesh]

Visual symbolism

I've just returned from a family break in Marrakesh

I superb holiday of sun, culture and harassment.

My hotel was next to the 'Koutoubia mosque', which is the largest in the city and completed under the reign of the Almohad caliph 'Yaqub al-Mansour', and used as a model for the 'Giralda' in Seville.

Such amazing history in Morocco, in a way the melting pot of cultures of the Moors, Arabs and Europeans. 

The minaret of Koutoubia has influenced thousands of church towers in Spain and Eastern Europe

A visual symbol of community, history and our future

Like news platforms, and infographics

Like Zarracina's and Baptista's infographic work in the past for El Correo in Bilbao

Symbolic design with meaning, and a following

Visuals that are replicated across the globe for originality, innovation and quality

What is next in the world of infographics?

The NYT have shown us how data can look cool, and likewise the Guardian

The illustrative caliphs from Bilbao, and likewise Serra at Clarin in Argentina resurrected and developed the hand drawn news presentations not seen in newspapers since the '70s and '80s

So, what is next?

Is it a guarded secret?

Is the latest offshoot of our great and beloved method of explaining the news a mash-up of presenting data published by our readers and online viewers? Allowing them to edit and develop work published by ourselves?

Do we become more community orientated, publishing work off/online for our people rather than our portfolio? 

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