Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Swine flu: UK press [2]

More work from Fleet streets finest?

The Guardian added updated figures for their data map

And The Times produced a wee locator map. A little disappointing somewhat

Ho hum. 

The Daily Telegraph continued with a similar line of thought from the previous day, updating with news of the UK, by how many cases, some 'suspected cases' to bulk out the graphic

But a great infographic from the Independent by Archie Bland and John Bradley, focusing on Mexico and neglecting the global spread, a trend used by the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph

Lets break the infographic down

A great map/timeline of Mexico, showing how the swine flu spreads across the country

I quite like this. The black arrow/box are a little clumsy, but the information - both written and visual is fantastic

The main focus is, what looks like, the state of the nation of April 28. District by district, we get the picture, culminating with a information box on the suspected source of the outbreak - La Gloria. 

'Mexico by numbers' offers a lighter understanding, and the 'anti-viral' chart gives a global feel of who has taken the past warning of avian flu seriously

The design and typography are clean, and crisp

A joy to read?

I think so

What do you think?

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