Thursday, 23 April 2009

UK Budget [2]

Three's a crowd?

Fantastic - all three competitors of ours - the three other daily 'quality' newspapers in London, the Independent, left, the Guardian, on the right, and centre is the Times

Producing very similar work

All very good, and what matters, is not who's the best, but does the graphic[s] explain the news, and the data in a clear way?

Yes they do

Who developed this technique first, for the Budget, I do not know

Although it wouldn't surprise me that it was the Guardian - they are normally first with something new, and not yet seen

But other quality newspapers are following the Guardian's lead, then what next for the Berliner format newspaper. What different visualisations will they do next year?

Indeed does they need to?

What if the Independent, and the Times develop new ground?

And do something different like what we did at the DT

Not that our coverage was any better - just bigger, and in-depth

But I think we made a good stab at this huge news event

Does it matter that we are seeing a homogenisation of infographics, not only in the UK, but around Europe, and the world?

In Spain - it is difficult to tell from which newspaper what infographic is from where

Is homogenisation good for business?

It certainly makes for a 'strong scene'

I guess it is safe, and secure. We all drink coffee in the morning. We know everyone else is doing it, and therefore we don't stand out. It is confirmation that what we are doing is OK

The world copies the NYT - sometimes very poorly. Only the National Geographic has replicated the NYT – and is doing things better!

We all want to replicate the very best

But where is the creativity?

Where is the innovation?

When we innovate – everyone develops infographic hybrids of the original thought

But to develop this 'thought' – only those who innovate know how to take creativity further
Is innovation dead with the printed format?

I don't think so... the times are too interesting

YESTERDAY was the time to innovated. NOW is the moment to develop

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