Monday, 3 May 2010

NYT bombtastic

NYT bombtastic

Fantastic breaking news infographic by the New York Times

Using Google Earth to create the 'scene' and usual Photoshop and Illustrator techniques to edit the visuals

This print graphic and also published online enabling 'links' to connect with other video and related articles

Here is the NYT timeline

The Events Saturday Night
6:28 p.m The Nissan S.U.V. first appears on surveillance cameras driving west on 45th Street

MINUTES LATER Two vendors see smoke coming out of the S.U.V. and alert the police

THE NISSAN PATHFINDER Police have identified the vehicle’s registered owner. The rear license plate belongs to another vehicle that is in a repair shop in Connecticut

THE SUSPECT Police are examining video of a white man in Shubert Alley looking back toward West 45th Street

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