Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Haiti disaster cartography

Haiti disaster cartography

They've done it again at the New York Times

To coin a phrase from my good friend JAG at Innovation, this is pure infographic caviar

Super text and visual reporting, supporting a very impressive topographic relief map

However does the wonderful rendering of the mountain range enable us to understand which areas of Port-au-Prince are badly effected by the earthquake?

Is the mountain range and the visualisation of the 'valley' important in the story telling?


Whatever the answer, now I know what the Port-au-Prince area looks like

Please leave comments below, I think that this is an interesting debate to have


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  1. I watch the news regularly but this was the first time i had been presented with the information about what is happening with the geographical context/ location clearly depicted. I do agree that it is perhaps more concentrated on visualizing the area rather than the destruction. all in all it was very informative.


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