Thursday, 7 January 2010

Britain's big freeze

Baby its cold outside

I took a few pics with my mobile phone around my small village in Oxfordshire

The very county, where which the village of Benson, as reported in the Telegraph, that residents today awoke to find the outside temperature a teeth-chattering -17.7C (0.14F)

Popular opinion says that it is lunacy to try and get to the local train station for London

Many are staying indoors, working from home or drinking a wee dram in the local, The Frog. Thank the Lord that Rebellion have just delivered some beer

Whereas the local store has no bread, milk or charcuterie and no newspapers

But we have beer, and whisky (Scot), or whiskey (Irish) and sweet images. SND entries can wait another week!

What a start to the year, and a Happy New year to all!

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