Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Emerging from recession?

Emerging from recession?

Britain yesterday officially crawled out from recession, and our glorious media presented the same data in many ways and guises

Which is great

Even in the Daily Telegraph we have to graphics, from the front of the Business section, and the other from inside the main News book, showing differing display methods using the same quarterly GDP data

Squire John Bradley rather smartly compared sector against GDP in the Independent, meanwhile on the front page of the FT, a red line showed GDP historical over a map of Britain

Maybe more information – both visual and textual could have emboldened the FT's graphic

The Guardian produced an incredibly clean looking and impressive global recession map online, and presented their beloved and world-altering circle volume/data display – combining complex data in a fantastically simple manner – nothing new at Michael Robinson's graphical data studio

Lastly at the Telegraph, Andrew Blenkinsop produced a beautiful and dramatic graphic for the front page of the Business section, and Caroline Dewar's 'Timeline of Britain's session' added journalistic value to the News section

All great stuff and cheers!


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  2. The Guardian print one is very good - informative, easy to digest, relevant comparisons, and not a flag in sight (so beloved of journalists when they can't force a map in there)

  3. On the Guardian print one - I wondered why China, India and Russia weren't there? And a wee mistake - Mexico is labelled as 2 but in the circle the size of a 3

  4. Because China and India had no recession - thanks Guardian online graphic!


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