Friday, 29 January 2010

Daily Telegraph then and now

Daily Telegraph then and now

A little under thirty six years separate these two front pages

The first from August 1974, the second from January 2010

The format then was 394mm x 600mm, and is now 371mm x 575

On clearing out her mother's house, my neighbour found old copies of the DT. This front page happens to present one of the biggest political stories not only in the US, but around the world

Our newspapers have physically changed so much

Colour page one, to colour throughout

Multi-sections and glossy magazines

Photographic reportage, infographics and free DVDs

The only constant over the years has been the need for a strong lead story, like the MPs expenses investigation by the Telegraph

Here are today's front page leads from the quality press in the UK:

The Times: 'Tories plan leadership revolution at the BBC'

Daily Mail: Off-duty police paid £100 to pick up phone'

The Independent: Israeli commander: 'We rewrote the rules of war for Gaza'

The Guardian: Climate chief: I won't say sorry for glacier error

Strong stories sell newspapers

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