Sunday, 24 May 2009

Paper cuts?

Philadelphia has all modern America can offer, for better or for worse: wealth, crime politics, sport, art and culture. But what it might not have soon is a newspaper

Within every city, every newspaper has its problems such as the LA Times, NY Times, Boston Globe. Some newspapers have already died, The Rocky Mountain News, Denver, in print and business since 1859, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which is now a web-only operation also gave up the ghost after 136 years of print

Paul Harris writes an excellent piece in today's Observer

You can choose metaphors to illustrate how technologically outdated newspapers have become in a media landscape dominated by blogs and the internet. They are vinyl records in an iPod world; videotapes in the era of DVDs and Hulu; typewriters in the face of the laptop. They are an old technology no one wants, needs or, increasingly, seems to care for. Certainly not in Philadelphia, where both the Inquirer and the Daily News are in bankruptcy

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