Friday, 15 May 2009

Publish the news and raise hell!

Justice at last

Shahid Malik has stepped down as Justice Minister following the Telegraph's revelations over his expense claims

Since being elected in 2005, Malik has claimed the maximum amount allowable for a second home, amounting to £66,827 over three years

Bloody hell. And this from MPs, who launched the 'benefit fraud' campaign earlier this month

How ironic! Or moronic, however which way you see it

A single mother, claiming benefit, who irons clothes for undeclared cash is small beer compared to the 'second home' scams for which the UK tax payer, for years, has supplemented

It is a complete and utter outrage, as today The Council of Mortgage Lenders announce that 'Repossessions have risen by 50pc' year on year

But the MPs expenses stories are good for selling newspapers, and driving traffic online

Innovation in newspapers director, Juan Antonio Giner comments on his great blog:

It’s like a slow motion daily torture.

And if you subscribe to the Telegraph “alerts” you will the first to know about the next discovery.

Yesterday my local press agent in S[t]. Davids was calling to the Telegraph distribution center asking for extra copies.

Today I went around 11 am to buy the paper and I got the last copy.

So, the saga continues.

And the paper is a daily sold out.

The Telegraph is telling us a superb lesson in order to cope with any newspaper crisis:

Exclusive news and stories always sell.

And The Daily Telegraph has plenty of them.

Readers love them.

Not the crooks.

So again and again:

Publish the news and raise hell!


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