Thursday, 7 May 2009

Chelsea robbed

Quite right too!

The referee was inexperienced and way out of his depth for a Champions League semi final. It makes the game look like a joke! As a United fan, I feel sympathy with the Blues, although I'd much rather be playing Barca in the final on their current form

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  1. As a Deportivo (and Barça) supporter I may say that the referee has ver very bad for both clubs, but more for Chelsea. I don't think he wanted to rob the match... he's just too bad!

  2. Poor, poor Chelsea. That smug, arrogant, moaning team with their rancid support, didn't deserve to lose. And that's what makes it even better!
    The best two teams in Europe are now in the final and it should be a cracker, but only if Barcelona reproduce their free-scoring league form. May the best team win


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