Thursday, 28 May 2009

Building a better place

Two weeks in and the footings are in!

After 6 years of deliberating, works is in progress on my barn

We pulled down the old barn and garage

In their place will be a place to enjoy, relax and play on the Wii

And a place where the children will become teenagers

Handling the work is a quality builder from Macclesfield

'Mick the Mac' is famed for his white shirts

He is never on site without one, and has not worn anything else on site for the thousand years he has been in the trade

As my late father-in-law said 'people should always remember you for something'

Whether it be for having five sugars in you tea, or producing the most finest/shite graphic on the planet

People will remember you

I'm sure people will remember things about me, but waring a white shirt won't be one of them

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