Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Speaking my language

Who speaks what across the EU

In the second day of the Telegraph's 'State of Europe' series, we've addressed this issue;

Apparently french is the numero uno language for the EU-27

Well that is just a load of tosh

Clearly, on 51%, the spreche of Rooney, Thatcher and Grimwade is first

And amazingly the EU Commission spent 100m euros interpreting 23 official patois in 2005

The things you now know!


  1. It still means that 49% of european citizens don't speak english, which is a lot of people that couldn't understand the laws and policies they'd had to respect, if they were not translated in their mother tongue.

    And you UK guy should know more than everybody else how hard it is to learn foreign languages, according to the 0,1 average number of foreign languages learnt in UK :)

  2. Danke Thomas. Sie haben sehr Recht! Englisch wird linguistisch angefochten

  3. J'etais un canard. Mais, les canards sont tres tres stupid, ainsi j'ai change. Mon petit-ami est le poisson dans l'ocean d'atlantique. Votre maman est un slapper. Je suis un ananas. C'est la fin des haricots.


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