Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Roman centrepiece

Bloody hell

More infographia by the inglés conquistadors

This jolly centrepiece from Richard Burgess at the Independent on Sunday

Printed on the 13 September, its got the lot

Illustration, diagrams, maps, photo, cut-outs, film grabs and a timeline

Again, why read the report when you can enjoy the infographic

Beautiful tones, sympathetic to one another

My only note is that typographically, it is flat

No size or weight dynamic

But still its a joy to hold and read

And fantastic piece of work

Infographic caviar!

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  1. Beautiful work! congratulations.
    I'm excited to see this kind of work at english papers again.
    As Chiqui Esteban points out in his excellent infografistas blog,
    many spanish artist were inspired by the works of british pioneers like Peter Sullivan, so is inspiring to see this kind of diagrams again.
    Data visualization and analytical graphics are great, but a publication benefits greatly of varied graphic approaches and narratives


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