Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Redesign of The Australian

New grids and visuals with impact

News International's creative maestro Alfredo Trivino, talks about his recent project on YouTube

Trivino's working theory: "trying to create a very organic and flexible design – a content driven design"

Using the colours and tones from Australian art, he approached the new colour palette from the incredibly rich red tones from the earth and the beautiful blues from the skyline of the southern hemisphere

His choice of Times Classic as chief font brings a friendly but authoritative voice to the paper

Trivino has also introduced visuals with impact, by creating real-estate within the page hierarchy and NYT-esq "op-ed" infographics in the opinion and comment section

As with all Alfredo projects, it looks a thing of great beauty, but does not navigate away from the business end of the newspaper industry, and quoted here on

"When you can deliver high-quality journalism and exclusive content that is very valuable it doesn't matter if you deliver it on broadsheet or on A4 paper," he says. "The future is more positive now than ever because the possibilities are endless."

Visual journalism caviar

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