Friday, 13 November 2009

Nuclear Power in the UK

Britain's nuclear future

Another story to my earlier blog on the shooting of UK soldiers in Nad-e-Ali

Here are two infographics, showing the SAME information in a similar way

The Guardian produced clean and clear interactive, with good text narrative per new plant

The Daily Telegraph, above, shows sites where the new plants will be built, sites currently in use and those which have been shut down

Just as interesting, or more in my opinion, is the chart at the bottom which shows when our current plants will be closed, therefore seriously effecting electricity generation from 2010 onwards, and why Ed Miliband and the government needs to act as soon as possible. But it will be pricey

Although Geoffry Lean in the Telegraph counter argues in his interesting analysis that accompanied the infographic on the page

the most cost-effective policy of all would be to reduce the waste of energy... which would by us time, save us money, and create jobs... but Miliband's department is dragging its feet

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