Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Leap Year

'Queen bees' making a cottage industry from their writing

Six women writers intend to revolutionise the book trade by publishing from their homes

They have set up an imprint company called Queen Bee Press and their first collection is out now

Called 'The Leap Year' the anthology charts transformational moments in twelve women's lives over the consecutive months of the year. Each story is set in a different country and considers a particular life stage

The six authors of the book, named 'The Contemporary Women Writer's Club' are Miranda Glover, Lucy Cavendish (my wife), Jennie Walmsley, Rachel Jackson, Alexa Hughes Wilson and Anne Tuite-Dalton

They decided to publish themselves because of the problems they saw in traditional publishing. Glover was quoted in the Evening Standard last week saying;
"The industry isn't courting new women's writing... established writers are losing their contracts because they can't compete with Katie Price [the chest, aka Jordan]"
I've read it. I thinks its great. Please take a leap of faith and buy it here

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