Thursday, 11 February 2010

[Winter Olympics] CURLING infographic

Winter Olympics: Curling infographic

The second of five graphics to be published in the Daily and Sunday Telegraph

This graphic published in today's paper was researched and produced by Ciaran Hughes

It shows the very simple rules and how to play

Keeping with the colours and style set for the series, the infographic is lively, fun and sooo easy to understand. Which are but just a few of Ciaran's many strengths

To be honest, I just can't get my head around 'curling' as a profession

But as one of the many who cheered on the Gold medal winning Rhona Martin and her team in 2002, yes 2002...

... get Hacking and Hogging team GB!

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  1. Yours is a GREAT site! Found it on Visible Certanty's blog roll and put you into my Data Visualisation References resource list! (Will be updated a little later today.)


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