Friday, 27 March 2009

Show and tell (2)

An interesting presentation on 'breaking news' across the spanish press by Antonio Alonzo of el Pais

Most is based on acts of terrorism, such as the attacks in Mumbai. Which is great fodder for news papers and infographic junkies

All are showing the usual techniques; google map, illustrator diagrams, photo combinations. They all work very well

Interesting though, is how iberian infographics depts react when attacked by ETA, such as the latest bombing at the university of Navarra

Antonio describes these 'hand rendered' examples as 'hot' - meaning they are 'live' and immediate.

Very direct and very emotional

Just the use of different mediums to explain this kind of news forces us to; 'feel' accepting when the display information is hand rendered...

... and 'think' understanding the information when viewing a more neutral display by produced on computer

Muy interesante!

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