Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Malofiej 17 [blog]

Tomorrow Himesh Patel (TMG Creative Director) and I set off for Pamplona, via Barcelona for the Malofiej world infographics summit

There are some fantastic and wonderful judges present, Guillermo Nagore, Luis Chumpitaz and Juantxo Cruz  - among other infografistas elite

But I have a concern

Breaking news infographics are not picking up awards

A rare sight in the Malofiej awards book

Although one can read and admire hundreds of feature-length visual treats

The only graphics we see in the UK are breaking news

The only newspaper not to predominantly use this kind of graphic is the Guardian

But they win many awards.

Is this a coincidence? Or am I being a complete numpty?

Whats is the answer?

What's next?


  1. Michael - I totally agree - I have been looking over old annuals this week ahead of my IDC2009 talk next week and the overemphasis on features is not healthy.
    It is how most graphics teams earn their daily bread - and it needs discussion and good examples.
    I feel they should split the conference in two - one day on Breaking News one day on features. Not doing so sends the wrong impressions. They should still have features in the awards, but should have awards that celebrate the art of breaking news - photograhy use, integration, small graphics. Well said and have a beer at the Jester for me when you are there.

  2. I think you're right and there are several reasons behind it. To produce informative breaking news graphics you need access to precise information, quickly. Journalists tend to provide general information whereas we need specifics. And, as graphic journalists have increasingly become graphic artists, we are less likely to enquire or be involved editorially in getting the right information. Also, as the internet has now become our first port of call, we can be swamped with data, which then has to be to turned into information, in order to inform. Of course all this data allows such beautiful visual presentations and designs as produced by the Guardian but the side effects are that the chances of seeing another Peter Sullivan Hillsborough or Wapping are diminishing.


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