Monday, 19 October 2009

2012 London Olympic pictograms

The Olympic event icon's were launched last week [image 2]

No easy task, to draw, and to even re-render past pictogram's

Some [image 1] have been design classics in particular the 1972 Munich games, which were produced by Otl Aicher, the German designer

While I am behind the news, I first read about this on the Telegraph website yesterday

Also, Creative Review have some interesting observations, not all good

Designed by SomeOne group, the icons work quite nicely when viewed huge - like all bad design

Although we must applaud the attempt to create 'dimension' by introducing perspective (something I have not noticed in previous Olympics) most are rendered 'flat'

The resulting package is one of inconsistency, and a catastrophe for all decent London-based designers

They look worse when produced 20mm x 20mm, the size they most likely will appear in print

Unfortunately we have to live with these design 'bum-notes' for the next few years

And worse than the London2012 logo itself, unbelievable

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