Friday, 28 August 2009

Arctic Sea: who's the wiser

Newspaper versus magazines

Time magazine produced this wonderful, simple, clean sequential infographic which tells the story of the Russian owned 'Arctic Sea'

Its design-led textures of 45 degree lines

Its pictogram ship and easy to understand design is similar to that of the Independent on Sunday and Guardian stylebooks

I like it

But we have to rely on the words for information. The visual shows us nothing, whereas the words tell us the news

So not really an infographic

At the Telegraph, we opted for the traditional infographic deployment

Photo, map with a 'estimated' route and statistical background

I think it is also and interesting read

But who gets any more or less from either example?

Do we understand more, from these examples, if we 'show' less

Is it best to rely on the 'telling' rather than the 'showing' of the news?

Let us discuss

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